Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: S&L Farm

S&L Farm, a family owned and operated farm offers Animal Welfare Approved free range eggs, lamb, and pasture raised chicken. S & L Farm began their journey in 2004 with the revival of an abandoned farmstead. “Our goal is to raise organic and poultry, via sustainable farming.” — Linda

Their animals are all free range or pasture raised. Many are born on the farm and are considered heritage breeds. We NEVER use antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs to accelerate growth or reduce costs. We NEVER use feeds that contain animal protein! Our livestock graze on pastures, roam freely on the farm, and are given whole grains, sunflower seeds, fruits and vegetables. Plenty of fresh air, exercise and a natural diet means better taste and nutrition for the consumer and a better life for the animals.

They are committed to providing their clients with the finest gourmet poultry products without damaging the environment or using dangerous chemicals.