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Vendor Spotlight: Michael’s English Muffins

One of the favorite vendors among our customers! You simply MUST try one of these homemade English muffins. They are so good it’s almost a sin to top them with anything… yes, even peanut butter! Eat them as they come, throw some homemade jam in, use them as a hamburger bun, or stuff sausage and eggs in between. Talk about versatile!

Named after her father, Annabelle is serving up the most delicious muffins in the Raleigh area. And we are lucky to be a serving spot. Be sure to visit their website, Michael’s English Muffins for the full scoop.

Bringing you the freshest English Muffins in Raleigh, NC. Unlike anything you have ever tasted! From our roots in French cuisine and wine, we bring you the best English Muffins, no matter what country you’re from.

Annabelle, owner & muffin slinger