Tips to Stay Cool & Conserve Energy at Home

Keep the thermostat at 78°F when home and warmer than usual when away. Open windows at night and circulate in cool air, but close them first thing in the mornings. Keep blinds closed and facing upward during the day as up to 30% of unwanted heat is from windows. Use fans for circulation when in… Continued

Starting a Garden? We can help!

Starting a garden? Midtown Farmers’ have many different varieties of  seedlings and starter vegetable plants to give you a jump start on your home garden.   Some of the vegetables plants available include: tomato plants, sweet pepper plants, hot pepper plants, cucumbers, summer squash, basil, other herbs, and eggplant. Here are tips on how to… Continued

The Daikon Radish is a long, white, slender vegetable that is widely used throughout Asia. Daikon is a mild-flavored winter radish. How to Select: Skin should be skinny, firm, and smooth with crisp roots. Avoid radishes with cracks and bruises. How to Store: Wrap Daikon Radish tightly in plastic and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Nutrition: Daikon radish is very low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol free, and a good sources of vitamin C.  

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Did you know OKRA…

Did you know… Okra is a summer crop. Therefore in North Carolina, we only have a couple more weeks to enjoy fresh from the farm. Okra was first cultivated in southeast Asia, and early in the 19th century it became a staple vegetable on the southern mainland of America. Okra is freshest when the pods… Continued

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