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The Bakesmith

Cupcakes, cake pops, and custom cakes for your every need!

Sweet tooth, birthday party, bridal shower, you name it! The yummiest, fluffiest, moistest cupcakes around! All natural!

“I’ve always loved baking sweet goodies, and cupcakes have always been my favorite to make. After friends and family constantly encouraged me to start selling my cupcakes, I finally caved! I love baking, and love being able to treat others, and most of all, I love all of the great feedback from friends, family, and customers! My daughter, Tala, inspired me for the name of my business, with her sweet personality. My goal is to put a smile on all of my customers’ faces’ with every bite they take. I can do all sorts of events and am absolutely willing to work with any ideas one might have. I love a good challenge, and am open to suggestions for the perfectly themed cupcake idea and flavor to meet anyone’s needs; Baby showers, gender reveals, graduations, bridal showers, you name it. Of course, if it’s just a sweet tooth you need to soothe, I have you covered! I strive to use only the best and most natural ingredients in all of my cupcakes, and I’m always working on new flavors!

Place your order at any time by email, phone, or even by dropping me a message in my inbox! I assure you, your taste-buds will thank you!” — Dana.

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