“You can always rely on Sterling Berry to provide you with fines teas from all over the world as well as custom aromatic blends of black, green and herbal teas! Our specialty tisanes are the best in the market and are very popular! We welcome you to the exciting world of tea!
As a boutique tea company that just starting, we take our product very seriously and providing outstanding customer service! We welcome custom blends and wholesale accounts!
We thank you for your support and looking forward serving you a great cup of tea!

Today, in fast changing world of tea, Sterling Berry remains committed to providing its customers with top tier of the finest teas, tisanes and herbs. We are family run company that focus on customer satisfaction!” — Tatiana



WHERE : Midtown Farmers Market from 8am – noon (follow Midtown Farmers’ Market on Facebook,

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Website — Sterling Berry Herbs and Teas

Facebook — Sterling Berry Herbs and Teas


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