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On My Way Bartending

On My Way Bartending Services LLC, owned and operated by Ernest and Amanda Gantz, provides a full mobile bar setup for any event. But, what sets us apart are our Mix&Sip Mixology classes as well as our Mix&Sip, and homemade syrups  mixology kits. Mix&Sip is an interactive bartending experience that allows YOU to be the bartender.

Our classes are a fun night out with friends or loved ones allowing you to learn how to make craft cocktails. Our homemade syrups and mixology kits allow you to take the craft cocktail experience into your home. Our syrups are made from locally sourced ingredients and are preservative free. Some of our most popular flavors include but are not limited to the Blackberry Lavender, Pineapple Ginger, and Toasted Praline syrup. Each of our 15 syrups and agaves come with custom, original craft cocktail recipes for you to try out!