The word “prodigal” signifies both abundance and a return home, which capture the spirit of our experience on our farm.

Dave Krabbe and Kathryn Spann own and operate Prodigal Farm. It is their labor of love. Kathryn’s mother’s family, the Hamptons, farmed tobacco for generations in this small area. Kathryn moved to wicked New York City, where she practiced law for many years. There, she met Dave standing in line to see a musician from Nashville. Soon, they decided to return to Kathryn’s roots and Dave’s long-time dream of farming. They purchased a farm in Rougemont, in rural northern Durham County.

The farm, with its 120-year-old farmhouse, huge old oak trees, and original log tobacco barns, mule barn, corn crib, smokehouse and other outbuildings, is a constant reminder of history.

They started with a few goats to help them clear away the poison ivy, brambles and other vines. Miraculously, the goats turned the overgrowth into milk, and Kathryn turned the milk into cheese—and it was good!