Planetary Elixirs is borne of the idea that an exploration of world-culture flavor combinations can  be an exciting springboard for culinary adventure!

These special beverages embody the spirit of world culture in a playful way, while combining some of the Earth’s most delightful and invigorating herbs, fruits, and spices into delicious drinks..

Planetary Elixirs are made from all-natural plant botanicals and water… Flowers, Fruits, Seeds, Barks and Roots.
All our ingredients are of the highest quality, and very nearly all are Certified Organic, usually with Non-GMO status, and/or Kosher Certified. That simply comes with the territory!

It’s the love of ingredients…

Take a flavor journey around the world…

Exploration is what Planetary Elixirs is all about! Everywhere in the world people quench their thirst with distinctive, unique drinks brewed from indigenous fruits and spices. It turns out the most alluring flavor spices are also imbued with healthful benefits. Refreshment runs deep! We draw inspiration from world culture flavor combinations, but we naturally add our own spin on it.

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