Framework Juice + Kitchen was co-founded by two former NC State collegiate athletes that saw the importance of living a holistic lifestyle. While on their journey, they stumbled upon the benefits of food and eventually into the world of holistic health. Through their journey, they have seen significant changes in themselves. Hannah the brains of the company, was able to ditch her medications and avoid her longtime migraine headaches and back pain. While Airius, the emotional leader of the company, was able to cut his body fat percent by 4% in less than a month in a half. These changes prompted them to learn more, in which case they learned that food is only part of the puzzle when dealing with health. Things such as sleep, exercise, self image, relationships, spirituality, and more all impact the health of any individual. With that knowledge, Hannah and Airius decided to name their company Framework Juice + Kitchen, with the understanding that health involves a framework that food is only a variable in. So although Hannah and Airius are committed to serving great tasting nutrient dense food that changes the lives of others. They also remain cognizant that other factors outside of food impact the health of an individual.

“We see food as a gateway into living a more holistic lifestyle. For us, our journey started with food and then eventually opened us up to a world we did not even notice before. That is what we hope to accomplish with our business model. We hope to open up the eyes of those in the community and empower them to know that they can take charge of their health and start living their best life todayā€¯ — Hannah

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